it's not all about *you*
link me, link me, you know you wanna link me.

  Wow, you want to link me? I feel so honoured, so happy, so LOVed. Come on, you saw it coming. ^____^ Seriously though, it's not much, but it's something. Have some graphics *unloads them on poor unsuspecting strangers*

not great, but some people like it in pink   purple is snazzier, don't you think?. fall in lov.. cuteness! Luv the animated-ness ^^ can't you just seee the lov in their eyes?

  Ahhh, so you want to see the newest crop of linking buttons to hit LOV? Great! Fantastic! Take one, take three. Give them to your friends. They'll think you've completely cracked! It'll be wonderful. ::nods sagely::

did you know it would turn out this bad? I couldn't see that I could fall have you got twenty cents to buy some more? my worst enemy is hiding at my door where did your wings go, same place as mine

i couldn't sleep